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Decorative Mailers & Packages in Larchmont, NY

Make Your Next Special Occasion Extra Special With A Decorative Mailer

When you need to send a gift or special letter and want it to look festive, but you don’t want go to the trouble or expense to gift-wrap it, PDQ Mail Plus has a great solution.

We stock a nice variety of decorative mailers with different themes like Happy Birthday, and Happy Holidays along with non-holiday-specific versions with brightly-colored, festive coverings that give your gifts “a little something extra”.

So, next time you’re in a hurry and need to ship something with a party theme, come to PDQ Mail Plus. We’ll pack, ship it, and get it there on time for that special occasion.

PDQ is currently re-evaluating the designs and prices from our supplier, and now has a clearance sale of 40% OFF our current stock of decorative bags and boxes. Then, when we decide on what to carry in the future, we will start with a clean slate.

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