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Count On PDQ Mail Plus To Handle All Of Your USA Shipping

PDQ Mail Plus has offered our customers a choice of shipping carriers right from the day we opened in 1993. We have found that while all carriers do many of the same things, each carrier has a few special wrinkles that help us to find the right options for each of your shipments. We have the rates for UPS, FedEx, and US Postal Service for every zip code in the USA. We have found that there is no one service that is always the best option. Let us help you send your shipment as economically as possible so that it arrives just when you need it to get there. Bring it in - packed or not, and we'll guide you the rest of the way!

PDQ Mail Plus keeps track of all your shipments, as well as the addresses of all your friends and family, and most of the popular online retailers across the USA. Anywhere in the USA, overnight, 2nd day, ground, or slow boat - yep, we can do it. If you give us your email address, we will send you the tracking number in an email, and often a followup email once it's delivered.

PDQ Mail Plus is an Authorized Retail Location for all of our carriers, and we gladly accept prepaid packages for each carrier at no charge to you. If it needs a box, considerable extra taping, bubble wrap, or other fillers, we have all of that here, right on the spot. We log in the tracking numbers, and will provide a receipt upon request.

UPS, FedEx and US Mail pick up from PDQ Mail Plus daily, so you can be certain your shipments receive the fast and efficient service you’ve come to expect from each carrier.

Have A Question About USA Shipping?

Call 914-833-1133 to ask specific questions about your shipment or to get a free quote. To track a shipment, visit our Tracking Page

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